The road so far….

Yesterday was the second Desolation of Smaug trailer released and like most people, I have mixed feelings of whats been shown. There are many things I liked, and some parts that just confuse me.

First of all, I’m amazed by Martin Freeman’s acting. He was superb and I’m really looking forward to see the scene with the spiders on the big screen.

Those few seconds are heartbreaking; you can almost feel Bilbo’s shock while slowly realizing the true nature of the Ring.

Also, the scenery in DOS is beautiful and breath-taking as always.

But I have to admit that certain parts of the trailer confused me, very much.

  •  Thranduil offers his help.
  • the Dwarves get chased by Beorn
  • the Dwarves discuss on a boat whether to trust Thranduil (?) or not
But how does the barrel-rising scene fit in if they really do talk about Thranduil and if they really received that boat from him.  So, where and how is the barrel-riding scene then going to happen??
Judging from the trailer there are at least  two possible scenarios:


So what if:
the dwarves get chased by Beorn and the only way they’re able to escape is by jumping into barrels, then end up near Mirkwood. After they’ve been captured by the spiders, elves come to their rescue and Thranduil offers his help, Thorin accepts and is given  a boat.
– the dwarves are not chased by Beorn, but by Orcs and Beorn just chases these Orcs. Then the dwarves enter Mirkwoood, get rescued from the spiders by the elves. But: Thranduil does indeed offer his help IF Thorin shares his gold. Thorin refuses and they end up in Thranduil’s prison. THEN the dwarves escape via barrels and end up in Laketown just like in the book. There they meet Bard and after some arguments they end up trusting him reluctantly. Bard gives them a boat and on that boat they discuss whether they should trust Bard or not….


Also, the relationship between Tauriel and Legolas can be problematic and I also have my own theory. 
I believe (or rather hope) that Tauriel doesn’t not like Legolas back even though he fell for her head over heels. My other assumption is that Tauriel dies somehow, either in DOS or in the last Hobbit movie as a consequence of the dwarves’s behaviour. This causes Legolas to become bitter and dislike Gimli at the beginning of LOTR. I am very aware that the antagonism between elves and dwarves has different causes, but by killing Legolas’s love intrerest due to dwarves it would create another connection between the movie trilogies the Hobbit and LOTR. Well, and knowing Peter Jackson, the chances are high for an elf to be killed off unexpectedly…
As for the Hobbit trilogy as a whole, some have complained that there is too much CGI and I do agree with them. I was, and still am, obsessed with the “big-atures” in LOTR and those Orcs and Uruk-hai that were played by actors behind masks. It made Middle-earth feel real. However, I created my own personal headcanon for the different look of the Hobbit:
In the movie version, the story is clearly told by Bilbo as a first-person narrator, re-telling things that happened decades ago. So, in my own headcanon, Bilbo sugercoats certain parts and exaggerates others  because from his point of view he is  rather telling a story and not giving an historic account of events. And just like every fairytale, everything appears “out of this world” and not so much real. 
That, of course, is just something that I keep telling myself, you’re free to disagree.
Anyway, after I’ve watched DOS I’ll write a detailed report on the movie and story-line

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