Nostalgia -Poetry

There is a strange friend inside you. Forever wandering inside you, dissolving into obscurity whenever you try to grasp it. Nowhere at home, but located somewhere between past and present. Nostalgia.

A joyful recognition; nostalgia and the heart greet as old friends.

It is a feeling disguising itself as memory. Memory, however, is elusive. So you begin to wonder: was it real? Is nostalgia a remnant of your past or does your mind construct a mosaic of feelings to comfort itself? Then again, does it matter if nostalgia is a fragile mosaic?

Cherish this elusive company while it lasts. The past is gone, never to return. Yet, nostalgia, as fabricated as it might be, is your habitual companion. Always lurking in the shadows, it invades your mind every now and then. For happiness, as Ralph Waldo Emerson understood, is nothing but an illusion caused by the temporary absence of reality.


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