Binding Judgment – One book to Rule them All

“Does it ever make sense to judge a book by its cover — literally or metaphorically? Tell us about a time you did, and whether that was a good decision or not.”

Daily Prompt: Binding Judgment

As soon as I’ve read this daily prompt, I remembered how I’ve almost missed out on the beauty of Middle-earth. While both of my parents love to read, none of them (or anyone else in my family for that matter) likes to read fantasy or science fiction. Since none of my few friends I’ve had when growing up liked to read, I had no one to recommend good fantasy and sci-fi novels. In other words, I didn’t knew what an amazing world Tolkien created until after I‘ve watched The Fellowship of the Rings in 2001 in cinemas.

The name Tolkien, however, was not too unknown to me. A year or two before FOTR hit the silver screen, I had an internship in a small book store (not as nearly as exciting as you might imagine). Of course, I was naturally drawn to the mysterious microcosm of the fantasy & sci-fi section. One of the books that caught my eye, and I remember it as if it happened yesterday, was a trilogy with an odd green cover.

Unfortunately, there was no summary of the plot anywhere on the box set. So I ended up judging the book by its cover and told myself that I’ll “never read this weird book … just look at its horrible cover!” Oh boy, was I wrong.

After I’ve watched FOTR, I wanted to know what happens next and decided that I need to read the book. At this point, I’ve still haven’t made the connections that the author of the green books that I swore never to read was the very same Tolkien whose cinematic adaptation I began to adore. As soon as I’ve entered the book store, it began to dawn on me.
Over 10 years later, I can honestly say that Tolkien’s Middle-earth influenced me more than anything else. I certainly would be a different person if I hadn’t decided to change my mind.


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