My Top 10 Wanderlust Bucket List

Whenever we think of my deceased paternal grandmother, we always remember her for all the hilarious and slightly crazy things she did. When one of my aunts was in labour with her first child, my grandmother was determined to witness the birth of her grandchild. So when the doctors did not allow her to be in the delivery room (for some unknown reason), my grandmother simply climbed a tree outside the delivery room and peeked in through the small window. Thats how I also want to be remembered: for all the hilarious things I did and not for being a bitter old lady.

For me, travelling is one of the things I cannot live without. I want to see the world with my own eyes, explore new things, test my understanding of the world. I will probably never able to to decrease my ever growing travel bucket list. But maybe I will be able to cross some things of the following list off.


My top 10 Wanderlust Bucket List

Backpacking in New Zealand in 2009

1. Road trip across the USA

Through popular movies, books, and songs, a road trip across the USA has a certain aura of freedom and adventure. On a road trip across the US I’d love to eat a hot dog from a street vendor in New York, sit in a diner at the Route 66 and enjoy a milkshake, visit the Grand Canyon, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, or visit Roswell’s UFO Museum… all while listening to the Blues Brothers Soundtrack.

2. Travel the Silk Road by train

When I was little, my dad fuelled my imagination of a journey along the Silk Road by telling us how he studied somewhere in the far east of the Soviet Union. Even though I was born in Uzbekistan, one of the stops along the Silk Road, I have not seen much of it, nor am I able to remember anything. During a journey along the Silk Road I would focus my attention mainly on Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, I would explore a bazaar , eat traditional flatbread and Pilav. In Samarkand I would spend my time exploring the Gur-Emir Mausoleum.

3. Spend a week in Australia’s outback

Australia is on my travel bucket list for a while now. Even though I would love to explore Australia’s east coast, the idea to spend some time in the outback, miles and miles away from the nearest larg city fascinates me. To be left alone with nothing but nature and my thoughts would be an interesting experience. Well, saying hello to the occasional Kangaroo would be nice as well.

4. Visit the Atacama Desert

Just as in the case of the Australian Outback, the idea of visiting an otherwordly place such as the Atacama desert fascinates me. Living in a rather green part of Europe with trees and lakes everywhere, I cannot stop thinking of visiting the driest place on earth.

5. Dive in the South Pacific

I have been thinking of taking diving lessons for a while now, and I am starting to look for diving schools near me already. To swim and dive somewhere in the South Pacific while also exploring Islands such as Samoa or Tonga would be a dream come true.

6. Rent a Cabin in the Canadian Woods

Even though I have seen way too many horror movies and creepy TV series (mainly X-Files and Supernatural) that take place in a lonely cabin in the Canadian woods, I still want to spent a week or two somewhere deep in the Canadian forests. I would probably get a minor heart-attack at every tiny noise thinking it is some monster with the desire to eat me… but hey what does not kill you makes you stronger, right?

7. Send a message in a bottle out to sea

In the recent past, it has been reported several times how messages in bottles were found several decades later. Someday, I would love to write up a short note whilst travelling, trying to capture my feelings and experiences, then put it into a bottle and toss it out to see. Maybe I would even leave out my name on purpose just to deepen the mystery of adventure. If I would ever take an around the world journey, I would probably toss a message in a bottle out to sea at every destination.

8. See the Northern Lights

Someday, I would love to travel to Norway and visit the Northern Lights. I would stay up all night, watch the beauty unfold and be gratefull for the beauty nature has to offer and fill an entire sketchbook with one water colour painting after another.

9. Visit Antarctica

After visiting the most northern partof the world, I would probably explore the most southern part. A spontaneous research revealed that even an 11 day trip would cost half a fortune (from a poor student’s perspective), but someday,  I will book a trip and explore this unique place. I do not even know what I would do there, I just want to see the Antarctic ice with my own eyes.

10. Visit the Mariana Trench

Ok, this is wishful thinking more than anything else. It is more realistic to go to outerspace than to visit the deepest place on earth. So this part of my list will be unforfilled forever. But I’ will be honest, I would give up some of the other things on this list just to explore the deepest parts of the ocean in a heart-beat.

Do you have a travel bucket list? Any places you think I need to see instead? Leave a comment down below!


8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Wanderlust Bucket List

  1. i’m more of a hermit than a travel bug, but the one thing that’s really bitten me badly is japan. so much of japan’s aesthetic tradition meshes in surprisingly well with german romanticism, and their historic architecture is beautiful, and the gorgeous landscapes, and the crafts! if it were possible, i’d love to apprentice for a while with a fabric printer and/or a temple carpenter and/or a potter.

    location list off the top of my head:
    – kagoshima prefecture (for sakurajima volcano and the incredible forests. a heavily forested island in kagoshima prefecture was the inspiration for the magical forest in miyazaki’s princess mononoke!)
    – the snow country of niigata and toyama prefectures.
    – cities: kamakura and kyoto (short stays only)
    – all the castles and temples. all of them.

    but really, the dream is all about just soaking up the beautiful countryside far off the big cities, creating things, enjoying the seasons, and appreciating the visible passage of time on things. (isn’t that last bit a crazy beautiful sentiment? things like shrines are often well cared for, but allowed to show their age, because the transience of things is considered beautiful! much to learn, we still have.)

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  2. I love your list! A roadtrip from coast to coast in the US, seeing the Northern Lights and renting a cabin in the canadin woods are also on my list.
    Since NZ was number one on my list and I went there one year ago, my goal is it to come back.


    1. Thank you! Oh NZ is and always will be on my list no matter how often I go there (been there only once but I’m currently saving money for another trip to NZ)

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