Travel Memories: LOTR & Harry Potter Travel Guide Round-up

I’m very lucky to be part of two geeky blogs and homepages where I can share my passion with like-minded people that I can now call my friends. For two years now, I’m a contributor for Middle-earth News, a page for all things Tolkien and Middle-earth. Earlier this year, my friends Alice, Lily, both members of Middle-earth News, and I decided to create The Travelling Geek Show for our geeky passions that go beyond Middle-earth. In the past, I’ve written up a few posts featuring geeky travels tips and tricks for New Zealand and the UK. Today, my fellow hobbits, wizards, and witches, I decided to give you a geeky travel guide round-up, in case you’ve missed my posts on Middle-earth News and The Travelling Geek Show.

Exploring Middle-earth & New Zealand: Tour Guides and Tips 

Once upon a time (in 2009), a happy Maria went to Hobbiton

From February 2009 until May of that same year, I’ve travelled to New Zealand. While it is a rather short time, even more so considering that I’ve spent one month in Auckland attending a language school, I’ve still managed to visit several The Lord of the Rings movie locations. In my post from 2014 on Middle-earth News, I’ve listed my tips, experiences, and a few photos. Basically, the post is partially a travel report and partially a travel guide. Some of these tips may not be up to date anymore, but it could still be of interest to some.

A Geek’s Guide to London


In May 2015, I’ve travelled to London for my fourth time. Over on Travelling Geek Show I’m working on a Geeky London Travel Guide, including but not limited to Harry Potter themed travel tips. It is not completed yet  (two posts are still missing), but there might be already a few handy tips for those that plan to visit London (as I do…again).  Here are the posts so far:

Do you know any geeky travel guides? Or have you visited some of the destinantions as well and have better tips for me? Leave a comment down below!


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