Travel Memories: Edinburgh Impressions

The first time I’ve been to Scotland was in 2009. It was a bit over a month after I’ve returned from New Zealand and I experienced such a severe reverse culture shock that I needed to travel again. At that time a friend had an internship at the National Trust for Scotland so I decided to pay her a visit. The second time I’ve travelled to Scotland was, what feels like yesterday, in 2012 as a part of a seminar on Scotish literature. Both times I’ve spent the majority of my time in Edinburgh and was mezmerized by its architecture and aura. Both times, the sky functioned as a breath-taking backdrop to create a daunting feeling. For some reason, I’ve had the feeling that a rough, speed pen drawing would capture this daunting feeling the best.


As preparation for this entry, I’ve looked through my Scotland travel journal from 2012 and stumbled upon an oldie, but goodie. My two friends and I were having a great time and started to joke around and toss around all kinds of insider phrases, most of which I’ve managed to write down. One particular made me laugh out loud:

When talking about driving on the left, one of us dropped this gem: “British Hamster wheels … do you think they operate leftish as well?”


One thought on “Travel Memories: Edinburgh Impressions

  1. i really like these. for one, they are really good as coloured drawings. but i also think that they set a good example of what visual art can do: putting atmosphere first while relegating other aspects to the back seats. drawing isn’t photography, and we don’t necessarily need drawings to mimick photos. (this is where i usually take off on a lengthy, ranting tangent on people who say things like ‘photography has made drawing/painting obsolete’)

    also, many thanks for the follow. 🙂


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