How to Braid your Hair One-Handed

Two years ago, at age 26, I’ve managed to learn something I’ve longed to do since my early childhood. After weeks of struggle, I finally learned how to braid my hair. This may sound a bit overdramatic to you, but when you’re one-handed even the most simple things can be a struggle. For the most part, I consider myself independent when it comes to being one-handed. While I do have a movable prosthetic arm, I don’t use it because I don’t need it. The truth is, one of the few times I feel disabled is when I wear my prosthesis.

Yet, when it comes to stying my hair, I do feel disadvantaged. Despite endless search on Pinterest for “easy hairdos” I’m barely able to recreate them. Then again, some of these “easy hairdos” are so complex that even my able-bodied sister can’t re-create them. In the past, I’ve usually asked my sister or mum to braid my hair. When you begin to live alone and have no one to help you in cases such as this, there are two things you need to learn ASAP: 1. Learn to do it yourself somehow or 2. Accept that you’ll be dependent on other people’s help and adjust your life accordingly. I’m not very good at accepting the latter so I will keep on trying to recreate these hairdos until the day my hair falls out.

However, it would’ve been nice to have an easy tutorial when I started to learn how to braid my hair. That’s why I’ve decided to create my own tutorial, hoping it’ll help others… or at least satisfy the curiosity of able-bodied people.

How to braid your hait one-handed

In short, the trick is to do the main work with your existing hand while the armstump “assists”. Also, in my experience, the longer the hair, the easier it gets. This is my first hair tutorial so I’m not really sure if I’ve made myself clear enough or whether I should’ve included one or two more steps. In order to make things clear I colour-coded the hair.

one handed hair tutorial_complete

For those with a limb-difference out there, is this tutorial helpful? If not, please let me know why!


2 thoughts on “How to Braid your Hair One-Handed

  1. This is lovely! I’m definitely gonna try it. I also feel so dependent when it comes to hair, but we just have to get pur time to learn our own ways!! This proves that!


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