Currently List – Plus Kenneth Branagh Illustration

Reading: As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’m currently reading The Lord of the Rings in Russian and let me tell you, it is a struggle. My Russian language skills are beginner level at best so I have to re-read every sentence three or four times before I somehow understand it.  However, so far it is entertaining to read LOTR in a third language (other languages I’ve read LOTR in are German and English). I can’t stop comparing the differences that come with a translation. In addition to that, I’ve also started to read The Entertainer by John Osborne, but more on this down below in ‘ currently planning’…

Watching: I’m very bad at staying up to date when it comes to movies and TV series, thats why I’m currently watching seasons three and four of The Walking Dead and season 3 of BBC’s Wallander. When I’m done with these two, I want to watch season two and three of Hannibal. By the way, do you want to hear a confession? I haven’t seen the following TV series (even though I really want to): Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Orange is the New Black…. Thank god I’m ok with spoilers most of the time, otherwise I’d be in constant agony.

Listening: Do Youtube documentaries on serial killers count as well? I have this weird habit of turning on random documentaries (either about Dinosaurs, the Universe, or serial killers … weird mix, I know…) and do other stuff in the meantime while only listening to the documentary. Other than that, I’m obsessed as ever with Salmonella Dub.

Kenneth Branagh in pen and water colours

Creating: Too many projects, way too many projects. At the moment, I’m switching between random speed water colour sketches (as seen above) in order to fresh up my skills and my attempt to illustrate Tolkien’s The Hobbit. The truth is, I try not to think too much about all those other started, but abandoned projects. Someday, oh someday I’ll complete them…

Planning: Oh boy, where to start? Next year will be a special one for me for several reasons. I’ll turn 30, I’ll complete my Master’s degree, and will travel for several months afterwards. I don’t mind turning 30, but I don’t like that forced socialization that comes along with it. Suddenly, everyone wants to talk to you even those that don’t care whether you’re alive throughout the rest of the year. I know that next year I’ll be flooded with calls, messages and questions of “what I want to do with my life now that I’m so old”. It is the big 30 after all. So I’ve decided to escape all this by spending my birthday in London for a few days and treat myself. By accident, I’ve seen that Sir Kenneth Branagh will perform on my birthday The Entertainer by John Osborne in London and since I love Kenneth Branagh I’ve decided to book a ticket. I think I’m the only one (or at least among the very few) that is looking forward to turning 30! God, I wish it would happen on my birthday this year because it seems so long to wait until September next year. Anyway, I’m busy planning my birthday trip to London and my Work & Travel backpacking journey afterwards. There is still a lot I need to organite and book, but I will post more about both adventures in the upcoming months.

Feeling: Very good actually, even though I’m torn between looking foward to the future (Backpacking adventures! No more univ. stress!) and being afraid of it (what do I do afterwards when I come home? Will I find a job? etc…).


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