New Zealand Travel Journal Flip Through

In the past, I’ve given a sneak-peek here and there of my New Zealand travel journal, so I thought why not show it all by shooting a ‘Flip Through’ vlog. Even though I’ve actually shot and edited the vlog, our slow internet (and a questionable video quality) prevented me from sharing it with the world. Instead, I’ve decided to go along with a good ol’ photo post. This, however, also means that I can’t show you everything because this would require way too many photos. However, you’ll get to see a lot more than in the past. Maybe I’ll be able to shoot and upload a decent ‘Flip Through’ vlog in the future that’ll include every single page of my travel journal, but in the meantime this should suffice.

For my travel journal, I’ve used a sketchbook in A5 (I can’t remember the thickness of the paper anymore) that would be suitable for water colour paintings. Don’t ask me why I decided to decorate the outer appearance with a Red Riding Hood motive, I don’t know it either. Why, oh why haven’t I transformed it into my very own Red Book of Westmarch? We will never know. Recently, I’ve experimented with an A6 sized travel journal for my London trip in May and I came to the conclusion that A6 is too small for me. I tend to include postcards and flyers which don’t fit into an A6 sized notebook. In the future I’ll go back to using an A5 sized sketchbook.

New Zealand Travel Journal

Even though I still have two unfinished travel journals (for Wales and Scotland) I really can’t wait to start another one…hopefully, my next travel journal wil be finally another New Zealand travel journal!


  • You can see my earlier posts where I’ve already talked about my New Zealand travel journal over here!
  • My most recent travel journal that I’ve used in London can be found over here!

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