Memory Keeping: Travel Photography

In the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing colour-themed travel photos on my instagram account. It started with a spontaneous idea to share some travel photos when I quickly realized that most photos I’ve picked had something in common: no matter where these photos were taken, they were predominantly blue in their composition. After a brief exploration of my travel photos I’ve managed to find 12 blue-themed photos and shared one photo per day on intagram (these blue-themed photos can be found on my blog over here). It was so much fun to look for common themes in my travel photography that I began to post red-themed photos as well. Today was the last day of my ‘Travelling Red’ series.

Even though I won’t continue with my colour-themed travel photo series on instagram anymore, I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would that I’ve actually began to work on poster collages.

I still need to create a collage for blue which I’ll post on my blog alongside a collage for the colour green.

I’m by no means a graphic gesign expert so constructive criticism is more than welcome. Which collage do you like more and why? Leave a comment down below!


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