Travel Memories: A Perfect Day in London

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From May 16th until May 22nd 2015, my two best friends and I travelled to London. It wasn’t the first time for either of us to visit London, but it was the first time we three went together to London or anywhere on holidays for that matter. We arrived very late on May 16th and were so tired that we did nothing that day. The day after, however, was filled with one great activity after another that I consider it to be a perfect example on how to spend an amazing day in London.

May 17th, 2015

  • Victoria & Albert Museum: Our first stop was the Victoria & Albert Museum early in the morning. The idea for our time in London was to do intellectual sightseeing in the morning while doing some fun activities (aka shopping) in the afternoon. As much as we love exploring museums, it can get very exhausting so we tried to keep our spirits alive by starting the challenge of finding the most hideous and/or hilarious ceramic possible. To this day, we couldn’t pick a winner because there were simply too many ceramics to choose from!
  • Gentlemen’s Tea Time: Something that has been on our bucket lists for a long, long time was to have a Gentlemen’s Tea Time in London, including faux moustaches and all. We ended up having a delicious Tea Time in one of Browns Restaurants and had a fun time pretending to be sophisticated Gentlemen (because pretending to be sophisticated Ladies is too mainstream).
  • Covent Garden & Buckingham Palace: After our tea time, we just wanted to explore London and go with the flow. At first we made our way to Covent Garden and just explored the shops and markets. There we stumbled upon a celebrity and of course I had to take a photo with him!  Before heading to Buckingham Palace via public transport, and enjoying some sight seeing on the way, we spend a rediculous amount in London’s Forbidden Planet.

Have you ever been to London? If so how would you describe your perfect day in London?


9 thoughts on “Travel Memories: A Perfect Day in London

  1. My son lives in London and works as a curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I haven’t been there yet but am really looking forward to going there in the near future. I’ve never heard of a Gentlemen’s Tea Time. I’ll have to check that out as well.


    1. Oh, we invented the Gentlemen’s Tea Time. We just crafted felt moustaches, attachted them on a wooden stick, dressed up and took some photos with these moustaches =)



  2. Your post makes me want to go to London 🙂 I did put my foot twice in London – but only at the airport – due to the connecting flights from India to US. So it doesn’t count. Wonder when will I get the chance to really BE in London!

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    1. ohhh I hope ypu’ll get the chance to visit London in the near future! It is one of my all-time favourite cities because there is so much to explore. Doesn’t matter what type of traveller you are, London has something to offer =)


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