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It is said that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest we all do it. Earlier this year, I’ve written how I’ve nearly missed out on the beauty of Middle-earth because I’ve judged a book by its cover. However, judging a book by its cover is not always a negative thing. I love well-designed book covers. In fact, I see them as works of art in their own regard and it is incredibly satisfying to find a book with a great story that has an amazing cover. Once in a while, I try to re-design some book covers just to see if I could re-imagine an existing design. So far, none of my designs are good enough to be shared with the world.
When I’ve recently stumbled upon the ‘Book Art Tag’ on Youtube, I knew I had to do it. Although, since I’m a blogger and not a vlogger, I won’t shoot a video. This tag was originally in German, so I translated the questions. If you do speak German, make sure to watch the video that got me into this tag. You can find the original video over here

1) Show me whatcha got: Show me a book with the best cover

1 I’ve been thinking for a while before choosing my favourite cover and eventually had to settle for two.

2) The inside matters: Show me a book with the best colours/ design on the inside of the cover

2 I’ve had several books on my mind, but eventually settled for this pocket edition of Tolkien’s Farmer Giles of Ham.

3) It’s all about the spine: Show me a book with the most interesting/ beautiful spine


I’m a lover of great typography even though I’m not really sure how to reproduce great typography myself. So any spine with a fantastic typography is my favourite!

4) Make my heart sing: Show me a book with the best colours (cover, spine, and back)

4 I love these editions of China Mieville’s books. I love the cover design, colour schemes and the fact that they all match. Any of these are easily in my top 10 of favourite book covers

5) It starts at the beginning: Show me a book with the best designed chapter beginnings

5 I love this edition of Tolkien’s Tales from the Perilous Realm, illustrated by Alan Lee.

6) Down to the basics: Show me a book with a unique title font


As with number one, I couldn’t limit myself to just one book. The truth is, I think many books would do better if they’d just feature a nice typography than some cheesy design that looks like dozens of other books already.

7) Do it like Picasso: Show me a book with the most artistic cover


I’m not really sure what is meant by ‘artistic cover’, do they want to see an abstract design? A cover that looks like a traditional painting, or something that would’ve been done by Picasso? So I decided to pic a book with a cover that was actually done by an artist.

8) Everything matters: Show me a book with the best book edge

For this question, I’ve decided to pic two of the oldest books in my possession. I love when you can tell that a book was read frequently, and I can’t stop looking at very old editions. When searching for books with an interesting edge, I realized that two very different books in my possession look remarkably similar. The smaller one is the Mabinogion, a collection of medieval Welsh stories, translated by Charlotte Guest from 1913. The bigger one is a book about the Moscow state academy of music from 1938. Both are as different as they can be, yet look as if they belong together.

9) Pretty without any make up on: Show me a book that is still beautiful without its book jacket


I have a weird obsession with circus sidehows and its performers. This enyclopedia is fascinating and is wonderfully designed. Totally love it!

I don’t tag anyone, but I’d be interested to see what my Tolkien collector friends make out of this.


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