A Hobbit’s Tale: Tolkien Portrait

I’ve been very busy with university the last few weeks, but now that I’ve written an important (4 hour long!) exam I can go back to my hobbies.

I loved my abstract Shakespeare portrait so much that I wanted to do another author portrait in that style. At first I wasn’t sure whom to pick, but then I’ve finally found the courage to do a Tolkien portrait. Even though I’ve been a fan of his works for over half of my life, I never found the courage to do a portrait before.

I’ve been working on it the last two days non-stop and I love it oh so much. I think I’ll print it professionally in A3 and put it on my wall!

Without further ado, here it is:

tolkien portrait_small_messer maria

As usual, constructive criticism is most welcome!

xo, Maria


5 thoughts on “A Hobbit’s Tale: Tolkien Portrait

  1. these polygonal pieces have really grown on me. i like how the hobbit cover colour scheme in this one also evokes those green retro-scifi wireframe graphics. something about the proportions of that squashed hexagon shape also adds to the retro future look. (i love that you repeated it in the tolkien piece)

    really, the only thing in terms of (hopefully) constructive criticism is that the professor’s shape doesn’t read immediately. i know what my personal solution would have been – having some foreground-only colours in the palette, usually darkest darks, lightest lights, highest saturation – but that wouldn’t allow the hobbit colour palette in its correct place in the hobbit cover background, so it won’t do. maybe it’s that the professor’s green lines are closer to colours in the background than shakespeare’s lines in the shakespeare/ziggy piece?

    anyway, me likey, and yay enough happiness with your own art to print it. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the compliments and the feedback! Yeah I’ve also thought about changing the colours a bit. My original idea was to illustrate the Professor in a slightly different colour scheme, but then I’ve thought it would be “too much”. By having so many different shapes, I thought that having too many colours would be overwhelming, but now I do want to so a second version and change the colours on the Professor a bit.
      I’ll keep you updated on the result =)


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