30-Day Minimalism Challenge: Day 5-11

Welcome back to week two of my 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. Not sure what this is all about? Go and check out my introductory post: 30-Day Minimalism Challenge: Day 1-4 

30-Day Minimalism Challege: Day 5-11


Day 5: Identify your 3-6 main priorities

This one was a bit tough to narrow down because my short-term priorities are not the same as my long-term priorities. I guess, for now I’ll stick to my mid- to long-term priorities. The number one priority is, and always will be, my health (physical and mental health). I’ve started several habits in 2015 in order to improve or work in my health and I do see some positive changes. The second priority is for me to settle down after univ. I want to find a place I can call home, a job I enjoy and that challenges me, and of course a family someday. The last big priority would be to continue to travel.

Day 6: Follow a morning ritual

For me, the best morning ritual is one that is as stress- free and simple as possible. When searching on the internet for ‘morning rituals’, all kinds of ‘advices’ pop up. Most boil down to ‘wake up earlier to get more stuff crammed into your morning before you have to go to work or wake up the kids’. This approach might work for some, but all I want is to wake up in peace and get ready.  So all I do is to get up, shower and get dressed, then I’ll have breakfast and I’m ready for the day. To me the best morning ritual is a good night of sleep and a good bedtime routine. While I’ll post more about my bedtime routine on day 22, I can say for now that I’ll even prepare the clothes for the day the night before.

Day 7: Streamline your reading list

One of the things I did in 2015 to minimize my possessions was to get rid of piles and piles of books. All in all, I’ve sold two boxes of (still unread) books and gave three boxes of books to charities or friends. As of now, I’m still sitting on one box of books that I’ll try to sell or plan on giving friends. All this left me with 21 unread books in my book collection. So for 2016, I’ve challenged myself not to buy any new books. Instead I’ll read those 21 and borrow books from the library. So far, so good.


Day 8: Learn to enjoy solitude

I’m an introvert, solitude is not challenging to me. Quite the contrary, I need to learn how to be sociable more. Anyhow, for me the best way to practice solitude is by going for a walk in the countryside.

Day 9: Downsize your beauty collection

This challenge wasn’t too difficult. I’ve never owned a lot of make-up. In fact, I’ve only started to use make-up, except for an occasional mascara, a few years ago. However, even I had a few things to get rid of. I’ve got rid of all my nail polishes except for one and I’ve thrown away two very old lipsticks and a cheap eye-shadow palette. Except for two lip-balms that are in my handbag at all times, this is my entire make-up collection. Usually my make-up is in that wooden box.


Day 10: No email or social media until lunch

This is another day where I fail miserably. It was around lunch-time when I’ve realized that I’ve spend all morning on the internet without realizing (it was my day off). The more I think about it, the more I realize that I’m way too often on the internet. As of now, I regard internet to be my biggest challenge.

Day 11: Evaluate your commitments

I’m terrible at saying ‘no’ when it comes to commitments, so I’ll often find myself overworked and stressed-out, desperately trying to give 100% each time. However, I’m slowly learning how to say no by simply replying with “Let me get back to you”. This way I don’t reject a new opportunity right away, but I don’t overload myself with commitments either.

So far, I’m really enjoying this challenge. It is interesting to see which prompts were easy and which ones I struggle with. I’m learning so much more about myself than I thought I would.

What is your morning ritual like? How do you handle an overload of commitments? Leave a comment down below!


6 thoughts on “30-Day Minimalism Challenge: Day 5-11

  1. this is an interesting bunch indeed. my guess is that i’d have similar picks to yours for the very easy and very hard times: solitude is easy/good (and i don’t want to ‘fix’ it, because it’s a very deep-down part of my identity. i haven’t had good experiences with trying to fix those.), downsizing beauty collection isn’t hard (i’ve actually been needing to buy a new one of my favourite nail polish for quite a while), and curbing internet/social media use is a monstrous quest. (another thing i’m hesitant to fix, because i owe a lot to growing up on the internet) also, my to-read pile is on lock-down, similar to yours. (i make exceptions, but they need a very good reason. worked well enough for not increasing the pile so far)

    commitments, oh i hear you so very loud and clear on this one. it’s so easy to get me excited with interesting stuff that i’ll jump on board with great enthusiasm, only to have the amount of stuff i jumped onto crush me later. it’s also an incredibly shitty feeling to let down people whose stuff i genuinely care for, so i found a middle way that seems to work OK for me:

    a) embark on a lot of my own, one-person projects, so when i get swamped, i don’t let down others, but just leave a stack of notes and concepts to maybe get back to later.
    b) be mindful of how much introvert time i need to recharge, before promising things to others. i’m doing no-one a favour letting my decisions be ruled only by how much enthusiasm i can generate in a short time.


  2. I would have struggled with the downsizing of my books. I have had to do this already, when I moved to Thailand, I couldn’t take them all with me so I got rid of a load. I nearly cried. Never again! I am slowly building up a new collection although I should sit and read them before buying any new ones. I just cant resist though! 🙂

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    1. Haha I totally get what you mean! During my book declutter I’ve mostly got rid of univ related books. I’ve bought so many books overthe years for uni that I’ll never going to touch again so I was rather easy to get rid of them. The other category of books I got rid of wereliterary classics. The reason I did that was because you can get most of them for free on amazon as e-books. And thats exaclly what I did, I exchanged my printed classics with e-book versions to safe space.

      In the future, I’ve planned to purchase mostly ebooks first and if I really like the book and I know I’ll read them again, I can still purchase a nice printed version. =)

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