30-Day Minimalism Challenge: Day 19-24

Welcome back to week four of my 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. I know I’ve wrote that I’ll do a recap of each week on Fridays, but this Friday, March 25th is Tolkien Reading Day and I’ve planned something else for that day. I don’t want to publish 2 articles in a days, so for this week, the minimalism recap will have to be on a Thursday.

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30-Day Minimalism Challenge: Day 19-24


Day 19: Go for a walk and practice mindfulness
I’ll be honest, this week of the minimalist challenge was not very successful. I wish I could say that I was too busy to go for a walk or had something very important to do, but the truth is that I simply didn’t felt like going for a walk that day.

Day 20: No TV all day, read instead
That was an easy one because I haven’t watched TV on a regular basis for four years now. For the most part in those last four years I’ve had no cable or TV at all. So even though I do have both for about a year now, I still don’t watch TV more than 2 or 3 times per week. Each time, I just tend to watch one 45min long episode of a TV series or a documentary for when I’m exercising.

Day 21: Journal for 20 minutes


Day 22: Create a relaxing bedtime routine
As implied during the first week of this challenge. The best morning routine starts for me with a relaxing bedtime routine. If I’ve slept well, all I need in the morning is a good breakfast. So for my bedtime routine, I usually turn off all electronic devices (no exceptions!) two hours before I plan to go to bed. I’ll briefly clean my bedroom, prepare my handbag and clothing for the upcoming day (so I don’t have to do that in the morning) and then go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, take off any make-up and so on. After that I’ll dim the lights in my bedroom, turn on some candles and do some stretching and yoga for beginners. Lastly, I’ll read 20-50 pages from a book (not kindle). I used to have real sleep issues where I’d sometimes sleep less than 4 hours, but with this bedtime routine I get 7-8 good hours of sleep each night.

Day 23: Go bare-faced
Similar to day 19, I didn’t do this challenge simply because I didn’t felt like it. I’ve only started to use some BB crème and concealer the previous autumn. Before that I’d only use some light powder once in a while, so I’ve no problem to go bare-faced. On day 23, however, I’ve felt like wearing a full face of make-up, simply because it made me happy that day and I don’t regret it.

Day 24: Practice gratitude
It is rather early in the day so far, so my moments of gratitude today have been rather short. However, as cheesy as it might sound, simply being able to wake up on my day off in a warm bed, enjoying a great cup of coffee and having the luxury to devote my time to my hobbies (blogging) is something I’ve very grateful for.

How is your week three of this 30-day minimalism challenge? Do you have a special bedtime routine? Leave a comment down below!


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