30-Day Minimalism Challenge: Day 25-30

Welcome back to week five of my 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. Not sure what this is all about? Go and check out my previous posts:

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30-Day Minimalism Challenge: Day 25-30


Day 25: Leave a whole day unplanned

That was a tough one because March 25th happens to be Tolkien Reading Day and there were a few things I needed to plan and prepare for Middlee-earth News and Travelling Geek Show, as well as my own blog. You can read what I planned for Tolkien Reading Day over here.

Day 26: Identify your stress triggers

My biggest stress triggers are hunger, exhaustion, and certain people. I’m one of those people that get angry whenever they are hungry. In fact, whenever I’m hungry, I feel exhausted and stressed out way before the physical hunger kicks in. Likewise, when I’m tired I get very stressed and grumpy easily, so on a long day, I try to rest and eat well in order to avoid these emotional lows.

Another big stress trigger are certain people at univ and work. For now, I can’t avoid them (I love and need my job), so I try not to engage in their drama as best as I can. I’ll graduate and move away this fall so I’ll only need to get along with them for a few months. Of course, there will always be people that will stress you and try to drag you down, so I try just to focus on myself and positive things while trying to get along with them as best as I can.

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Day 27: Clear out your junk drawer

Actually, I don’t have a junk drawer anymore. I’ve decluttered and organized them all (incl. my junk boxes) last year. So instead, I’ve decluttered two e-mail accounts that I’ve neglected for way too long.

Day 28: Let go of a goal

This is a very private point which I will not write down. However, I will say that I let go of one particular goal only for 2016 because it wouldn’t fit into the other plans I have for 2016. I will resume that goal in 2017 and see how it’ll work then.

Day 29: Turn off notifications

I’ll keep this short by saying that I wasn’t able to turn off my notifications. Yeah, I do spend too much time online.

Day 30: Evaluate your last five purchases

As someone who constantly ordered something from Amazon, I’m proud to say that I’ve only ordered one thing this year so far from Amazon and it wasn’t even something for me. It was a birthday present for a friend and nowhere else available. In addition to that I’ve booked my flight to London, coffee twice, and some necessary travel gadgets. So apart from the coffee, I’ve only made necessary purchases. I’ve tried, again and again, to pull through a ‘no spending month’-challenge at the beginning of each month this year and failed each time. Instead, I’ve decided to not buy any books and go out for lunch less and try only to purchase one coffee. A ‘no spending month’- challenge might work for some, but for me a ‘spend less’-approach is more realistic.

Final Thoughts

This was a very interesting challenge that taught me a lot about myself. While I was aware that I spend too much time online, I wasn’t aware of how bad my internet addiction was and how difficult it would be for me to stay offline for even a few hours. Interestingly, letting go of material stuff was so much easier for me though. I guess because I’ve been slowly decluttering my physical belongings over the last 12 months and I’m even still not done yet. There are a few univ. related books and binders I need to keep for the remainder of my studies, but as soon as I’ve graduated I’ll either digitalize them or simply get rid of them alltogether.

I’m not sure whether you can call my attempt a success, but this challenge made me aware of certain habits and behavioural patterns which I now try to work on and this is to me a true ‘success’.

What are your thoughts on this challenge? Will you, or have you, tried it? Leave a comment down below!


2 thoughts on “30-Day Minimalism Challenge: Day 25-30

  1. the challenge certainly has been looking interesting, and merely checking the tasks mentally each time you posted about a chunk outlined a good bit of things already. y’know, what’s a piece of cake and what tenses you up just reading it. but since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the real question is whether the hard ones are as hard as i think they’ll be. i still don’t know i’ll have the time to really do this anytime soon, though. 😦 (deadlines suck!)

    two things of note, re this post:

    – it’s funny how much your stress triggers read hobbit. food, relaxation, and no unwholesome folks around – all that’s lacking is a pipe.

    – great selfie and even greater message to go with it! i had a similar moment recently, passing the mirror, and i went ‘hey, you know, you really do alright. yeah, you aren’t as exercised as you could be, and your hair was fuller 10 years ago, but your usual concerns are pretty over the top. take a break, will ya?’
    good luck to whoever is going to end up on the receiving end of such a mischievous look, on a slytherin, on april 1st, though.

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