Review: Dr. Who Experience in Cardiff

When I was living in Cardiff, there was no way I’d not explore some Dr. Who related activities and sites. Even though I’m not a full-blown Whovian, I do love Dr. Who and Torchwood and was excited to explore many filming locations throughout Cardiff.


There are numerous options for guided Dr. Who tours in Cardiff, but wouldn’t recommend them. Many locations are scattered throughout Cardiff and can be visited and viewed without a tour. Cardiff Bay is only one prominent example among many places in Cardiff. On is a full list with Dr. Who locations, addresses, and photos for you to choose from.

Dr. Who Experience in Cardiff – A place for Whovians of all Ages



Admission: Adult: £14* (£16 on the door), Child (5-16 yrs): £9.75* (£11.75 on the door), Family £41* (£49 on the door)

Accessibility: The Dr. Who Experience is accessible for wheelchair users, the visually impaired, and hearing impaired. The Doctor Who Experience is not suitable for assistance dogs due to loud noises and floor movements. However, free carer tickets are offered. More detailed information can be found over here.

In January 2013, my sister and friend, a huge Whovian, came to visit me and one of the first things we did were the Dr. Who Experience. Personally, I had no expectations, but I was very fascinated and left the experience with the desire to binge-watch all seasons of Dr. Who.


With each new Doctor, the Experience gets altered slightly. You start with an interactive experience (3D video) where the current Doctor draws you into his adventures. Then you’ll explore the actual exhibition featuring the inside of the Tardis, actual costumes from all previous Doctors, and props. Personally, I’ve enjoyed stepping inside the Tardis and say ‘Hi’ to various villains the most. However, the best thing of the Experience is when you can crawl inside a Dalek metal shell and pretend you’re one yourself!

I’ve wisited different kinds of movie-related exhibitions and tours, whether it being Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, or Dr. Who, and this Dr. Who Experience was among the best and is also a lot less expensive than some other movie tours. If you’re a full-blown Whovian, you’ll love it. If you’re not yet a full-blown Whovian you might become one afterwards!

Final verdict: 5/5 Daleks

Have you been to the Dr. Who Experience? If so, what are your thoughts. Also, who is your favourite Doctor? (Mine is the Tenth although the Twelfth is not far behind). Leave a comment down below!


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