China Mieville Water Colour Portrait

Last week, I’ve posted a Hemingway water colour portrait and asked my readers if they have any other suggestions for a literary portrait since I have ‘a thing’for that. My friend gekitsu suggested China Mieville and Alan Moore, so here we go with Mieville:

Media: water colours and coloured pencils

At first I’ve wanted to do the Mieville portrait as simplistic as the Hemongway one, but I got carried away and before I know this happened.

So, next on my list is Alan Moore, but are there any other authors you’d like to see? If so, leave a comment down below!


2 thoughts on “China Mieville Water Colour Portrait

  1. i already told you i love it, right? it’s a bit closer to what i’ve seen of your pencil drawings, both in the less strict abstraction and the more muted red/blue scheme to go with it. anyway, i’m really looking forward to your alan.


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