Top 10 New Zealand Travel Bucket List

Today, ‘only’ 175 days are left until my departure to New Zealand. Until then, I’ll be glued to my computer in order to write my thesis. In the mean time, all I’ve got to keep me going are my plans for New Zealand. The list of things I want to do there is endless, but there are a few things high on my priority list that I will try to accomplish. It’ll be fun to come back to this post in about a year and see what I’ve managed to do and what I didn’t managed to do.

Here is my Top 10 New Zealand Bucket List

1. Climb Mount Eden in Auckland
Here is a funny story: Back in 2009, I lived for four weeks in a part of Auckland that was not too far away from Mt. Eden. During that time, I’ve visited Eden Gardens, located at the foot of Mt. Eden itself. Yet, somehow I didn’t manage to climb Mt. Eden back then even though I wanted to do it. So this time, I’m determined to do it! In fact, I’ll try to do it during the first two days in NZ after landing.

Oh, just for your curiosity, I did a Google Maps screenshot to show you just how close I’ve been to Mt. Eden…

mt eden google maps
Let’s just appreciate this for a moment, please.

2. Visit 90 Mile Beach & Cape Reinga
This is another thing I didn’t manage to do back then. Actually, I’ve even booked a tour that included the 90 Mile Beach, Cape Reinga, AND dolphin watching, but I had to cancel it because I got ill. Since I was in NZ back then for a bit under three months, I couldn’t book it for another time. This time, I’m more flexible with my time and determined to explore the Northland (incl. the Waitangi Treaty Grounds) as much as possible!

3. (Re-) Visit Hobbiton
Alright, this is one of the few things on my list that I’ve accomplished the first time around. However, I do have a very plausible reason to re-visit Hobbiton other than ‘hopelessly obsessed with all things Middle-earth’. Yessir, I’m able to justify this splurge. You see, back in 2009, Hobbiton looked like this:


Nowadays, however, it looks like this:

Image Source:

Do you get me now? You do. Of course, you do.

I’ve written a review on the Hobbiton Movie set based on my experience back in 2009. You can check it out over here.

4. Learn how to surf
I know this is something I can do all over the world. Still, I want to get out of my comfort-zone and do something that’s been on my mind for ages in NZ. I’ve already looked up a few surf schools on the North Island and will then decide spontaneously.

5. Hike in the Te Urewera National Park
Alright, this one is something you don’t find too often on most ’things to do in NZ’-lists. But, by god, the pictures of the Te Urewera National Park look amazing (google it!) and I’ve even found a tour operator offering guided 1-day long hikes. I will post an in-depth review on this if/when I manage to do it!

6. Eat a Fergburger (again)
Fun fact: If Fergburger would’ve been available in Germany, I’d now be the size of a small building and broke. Fergburger is a hamburger restaurant located in Queenstown and a ‘must do’ for everyone visiting Queenstown. Back in 2009, I had the ‘Bun Laden’ a veggie burger with falafel and by the burger-gods, it was delicious. In other words, I need another Fergburger

7. Whale Watching in Kaikoura
There is not much I can say to this other than that whale watching is on my bucket list for half of my life. Even if I don’t manage anything else on this list, I will make sure that I’ll at least do some whale watching!

8. Visit Milford Sound
Honestly, there is not much I can say about this, too. Milford Sound is breathtakingly beautiful and my friends and I will do it some time between November 3 rd and 6 th. We haven’t booked it yet, but we will soon enough.

9. Visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves
This is another thing I’ve wanted to do back in 2009, but didn’t. In fact, I want to explore as much of the West Coast of the North Island between Hamilton and Wellington as possible. Including, but not limited to, exploring the Whangangui National Park (preferably by boat).

10. Visit as Many Public Libraries as Possible
I know that this is not nearly as exciting and sexy as some of the other thing on this list, but I’m a book nerd and many (scholarly) books about New Zealand are hard to find in Germany. Also, I won’t be able to buy all the books I want, so public libraries are a great (and inexpensive) way for me to indulge in my book addiction without spending my last coin on books.

Again, there are cointless other things on my list, but if I’ll accomplish even only half of the things on this list, I’ll be very happy.

Have you been to NZ and done any of these things? Or do you know another ‘must do’ I need to do? Leave a comment down below!


8 thoughts on “Top 10 New Zealand Travel Bucket List

  1. Hey, I went to NZ in 2008 and have done most of those things on your list. It’s a fabulous place. I spent 7 weeks there and did so much. I recommend doing a hike across Mount Tongariro, in the North Island. I went in winter time so it was covered by snow. It was very tough, it took 8 hours, but such a fab feeling at the end. The other thing I recommend is hiring a car and doing a little road trip of your own. If you have the time. I went from Dunedin to Bluff over 2 or 3 days. The scenery is amazing and there is hardly anyone around. I always said that I would never go back, a case of been there done that, but I have since changed my mind and hopefully going back in 2018. I will look forward to hearing about your travels 🙂

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  2. I’d also go to Napier and Hawkes Bay; ride the Tranzalpine train, walk on Franz Josef glacier.
    Have a great trip!


    1. ohhh Napier and Hawkes Bay are also great choises! Thanks for reminding me about the Tranzalpine train, totally forgot about that! =)

      Thanks and all the best,


  3. This is a great list girl! I’m new to blogging! Do you mind giving me a shoutout? Only if you don’t mind tho ya. Appreciate it! I write about traveling, nature and all that🌿🌊 anyways I will be visiting Melbourne in July. Do you have a top 10 melb bucket list? If so please share it!! And Poland as well xx take care

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  4. Great list – glad to say as a Brit living in NZ I’ve done most of these, apart from hike up Mount Eden and the public library thing (haven’t even been to my local one – oh the shame!) 😉

    Other things to consider are; Skydive in Queenstown (if you are brave enough). Visit Napier during Art Deco Weekend in February (google it, seriously good fun!); Trek the Tongariro Crossing; Surf at Raglan; and go wine tasting on Waiheke Island 🙂

    Have fun travels! If you make it to Napier I’ll happily show you around!


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