May Highlights & Favourites

“Writing is hard for every last one of us […] Coal mining is harder. Do you think miners stand around all day talking about how hard it is to mine for coal? They do not. They simply dig.”
–Cheryl Strayed, Dear Sugar #48: “Write Like a Motherfucker”

It is crazy how time is running. It felt like yesterday when I celebrated New Year’s Eve and now it’s June. My life hasn’t changed too much since April’s wrap up post. I’m still writing my thesis and I’m still organizing my trips to London and New Zealand. Still, I wanted to write up a summary of May nonetheless. More for myself, I guess, than for anyone else.

Thesis Adventure: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I’ve still got nearly three months until my deadline and the writing progress is better than anticipated, but never as good as I’d like it to be. I’m sure everyone who has ever worked on any kind of long term project knows this feeling where you’re so immersed in details that you can’t see the progress you’ve made already. As hard as writing can be, and it can be really tough, editing is oh so much more difficult. Earlier this month, I spend an entire day, editing and re-editing just two pages. In the last week, I’ve allowed myself to take it slow and get some distance from my thesis as not to burn out. As much as I love writing this thesis, I really do, I need some time off as well. Last week, two friends and I, both of whom are also writing their MA thesis at the moment, discussed how this thesis writing process is overtaking our lives and how we have to force ourselves not to think and work on the thesis every minute in the day.

My Library View

Overflow of Creativity

Another paradox of this thesis adventure is that now, where every waking moment is dominated by my thesis or by my jobs (I have two jobs at the moment), I’m overflowing with creativity. There are so many things I want to draw, new skills I want to learn and pieces I want to write. Right now, all I can do is to write these ideas down and work on them as soon as I’ve submitted my thesis. I can already see it how I’ll be diving into all these projects all at once in those few weeks between graduating and the day I leave for New Zealand. After all those years of university taking so much up of my time, I really can’t wait to do and learn all the things.

However, I managed to squeeze in some time to do another Shakespeare/ pop culture mashup: a Prince tribute. Earlier this year, I’ve done a Shakespeare/Bowie tribute. Here are they side-by-side:

You can read about these tributes over here in my ‘the Purple Bard’ blog post.

Favorites of the Month

There are two specific favorites I had in the month of May and the first is no surprise at all. In May, I’ve finally decided to buy a new backpack for my upcoming adventures and, by god, I’m so happy about this decision. You can read all about that new baby of mine over on my ‘first impressions review’ of my new Osprey Farpoint 55.

The other thing I’ve been loving this month is an app. As mentioned earlier, there are many things I want to learn and do and the desire to improve my Russian language skills is among those things. For those who don’t know it: I was born in the Soviet Union and grew up in Germany. Nowadays, my Russian is beginner level at best. While I can write and read in Russian, in addition to understanding and speaking in Russian, I’m terribly out of practice. My vocabulary is shrinking with each year and the grammar is also becoming worse. So I was looking for online tools to help me with my vocabulary and grammar. Eventually, I stumbled upon the app Fun Easy Learn Russian.  It is a fantastic app for those who already know the Cyrillic alphabet and want to refresh or expand their vocabulary. It’s very easy to use and teaches new words in a fun way, so check it out!

may weather
May had some beautiful, albeit rainy, weather.

That’s it, this is all I’ve been up to in May. What about you? Had any exciting adventures? If you could learn any language, which one would it be? Leave a comment sown below!


One thought on “May Highlights & Favourites

  1. oh, i hear you about life takeover by thesis. been there, done that. good to hear you’re taking some time off. i would never have guessed how important that can be. when i wrote my thesis, i just sunk ever deeper into it, day by day, sneakily becoming used to how much it affected me.

    it wasn’t until i was finished, that i had to become used to there being other things again. truth be told, it was frightening to notice how i continued waking up with a ridiculously high base tension, only realising ~20–30 seconds later that it’s over, that i can relax now. the danger is, indeed, real.

    as for languages: i’m actually in the process of picking up a language i’ve been eyeing for some time. i’m learning python! 😉

    other than that, may has been a lot of immersing myself in tech news for my computer build. didn’t your sister look for gaming hardware as well? i’m planning a final parts writeup post before documenting the assembly process. with some context what kind of thing she’s looking for, i might be able to point out fitting alternatives to my picks. (that way, the early part of the series won’t be completely useless ;))


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