June Favourites & Highlights

I can’t believe it is time for another monthly wrap-up. Time is flying by if you’re immersed in work, that’s for sure.


I’ll be honest, but June was a tough month. The last few months (& years) of university stress finally caught up with me. I’ve got sick and even though it was just an ordinary cold, I was knocked out for three weeks and I’m still physically exhausted.

june sunset


This was, of course, reflected in my online activity. I’ve had to neglect my blog and art a bit. I’d love to post two great posts per week, but in times of stress or illness I’d rather post fewer posts (or none at all) that post shitty ones.

Thesis, thesthis, thesthat

My online presence was not the only thing that suffered as a consequence of my illness. My thesis progress was rather slow as well. However, I’m finally done with the theory part and can finally work on the analysis. The analysis itself is doing rather good. I have enough to say to cover my expected page-count, but not too much to get lost in thoughts. I just needed to take a break as not to burn out completely.

thesis so far

I’m half-way through with my thesis (and still got nearly two months before I’ll reach my deadline) so I’ve already discussed some possible dates for my thesis defence with one of my supervisors. Let me tell you, it still feels so unreal to know that by day x I’ll be done with university. It also feels so unreal, knowing I’ll then have a Master of Arts degree. I guess, when I’m finally done with the written part, I’ll be able to focus on the defence and on what comes afterwards.

Monthly favourite

I’ve got a new traveller’s notebook! Last year, my sister got me a Modori Traveler’s Notebook for Christmas and I’m obsessed. I’ve been using my Midori since then already, as you can see in my recent hand lettering posts here and here. Of course, as most that got hooked on the Midori, I wanted more. Still. as much as I love the format of the Midori, I wanted an A5 sized traveller’s notebook next. I’ve been looking online everywhere. But couldn’t find one that fit my needs and one that wasn’t too expensive. Long story short, I ordered some leather online and my sister made me my very own A5 sized black traveller’s notebook.


The current set-up of my black A5 traveller’s notebook contains a journal, a self-made calendar inspired by bullet journaling, and a sketchbook. In case you’re wondering what I’ll use my Modori for: it’ll be my travel journal during my upcoming trips. I will do a post on both of my traveller’s notebooks later this week so stay tuned!

Books of the month:

My reading progress was rather slow, as one could expect, since I’ve registered my thesis. However, I managed to finally read the first three book of the Earthsea saga. I’ve heard only great things about it in the past, but I was genuinely exited to have found a new fantasy world. At this point I’d like to thank my dear friend Valdis from Midd-earth News because she gave me A Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan, and The Farthest Shore as a gift a while ago!

That is it. The month of June was marked by being locked up for up to 10 hours in my university library, working on my thesis. I expect July to be very similar. However, only time will tell.

What was your month of June like? Any unexpected adventures? Leave a comment down below!


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