30 Facts About Me

This week, on Sept. 8th, I’ll turn 30 and I thought it’ll be nice to share some facts about me. Maybe you already know some or most of these things, maybe you don’t know anything about me. Either way, I think it is an interesting way to get to know me a bit more and see what I’ve been up to these past 30 years.

Here are 30 facts about me:

1. I was born in Uzbekistan in a small town most people can’t pronounce.
2. I was born without a right hand.
3. I never ever smoked in my life.
4. I have two tattoos, but no piercings.
5. I went to art school and graduated in children’s book illustration.
6. After abandoning a career in arts, I decided to study English and American Culture Studies.
7. This October (2016), I’ll graduate with a M.A. in English and American Culture Studies.
8. As a child, I wanted to be an palaeontologist or archaeologist because I watched Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones a few times too often.
9. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.
10. I’m hopelessly enslaved to coffee.

selfie outtake
With great age comes great cluelessness.

11. My favourite beverage is unsweetened green tea.
12. I occasionally drink (black) tea with milk during the winter, but apart from that I don’t add milk to my tea at all.
13. My biggest celebrity crush is Bill Murray.
14. I’m left-handed (see No. 2 why).
15. For some strange reason, I enjoy being at the airport.
16. My all-time favourite band is System of a Down.
17. One of my tattoos is a text passage from a System of a Down song.
18. My other tattoo is a Tolkien related tattoo.
19. I’m a huge fan of Tolkien and Middle-earth
20. In 2014, I even gave a scholarly talk on Hobbits at a Tolkien conference in Portugal.

Nothing’s better than a good ol’ gentlemen’s tea time.

21. Before I fell in love with Middle-earth, I didn’t like fantasy at all.
22. I’m still drawn more to sci-fi than fantasy.
23. My clothes are mostly black, navy blue, or shades of brown.
24. I don’t like wearing jewellery except for necklaces and a few rings.
25. I have green eyes.
26. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, I only like white wine and cider. I despise the rest (too bitter in taste).
27. I’m currently reading Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle.
28. Whenever I want some background noise while doing something like cleaning or drawing, I’ll either put on a documentary about dinosaurs, the creation of the universe, or serial killers.
29. I was named after my maternal grandmother. My maternal grandmother was named after her maternal grandmother who was also named after her maternal grandmother.
30. I’ll spend my 30th birthday in London, watching a play with one of my all-time favourite actors, Kenneth Branagh.


Now it is your turn, tell me three things about you! I’d love to get to know my readers as well!


7 thoughts on “30 Facts About Me

  1. ok, 29 is the flat out coolest thing. if that isn’t a setup for a mystery story about someone trying to not make everyone notice they’re immortal, i don’t know what is.

    three things about me? hmm, let me think.

    1) i once got a few hundred euros for watching tv.
    2) the first time i put my preference for low fantasy over high fantasy in words must have been at ~13 years, when i asked my father (huge sf/f book nerd) for a book to read: ‘fantasy. but not the kind with swords, more the kind with axes.’
    3) taters 4 life.

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  2. Love this post!!!!! I already knew almost everything…that says a lot about our friendship 😀 ❤

    1) I can't swim, my body cannot float in water.
    2) I used to be a ballerina then I had to quit, but I miss it a lot.
    3) My very first crush has been Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic, I was 7.

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