New Zealand Adventure Begins – With Changes

On the 20th of October, in two days, I’ll travel to New Zealand. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that my plan was to stay for six to twelve months.

Now, I’ve been very busy with booking accommodation, transportation and various tours, in addition to completing university and I came to realize that I needed to change something. In short, I’ve decided to only stay for three months due to a variety of reasons. This means I’ll go back home in January and I’m actually very OK with it.

Why did I change this after talking, and yearning for months, no years, to explore New Zealand via a Working Holiday visa? Everything, in a way. The timing seems wrong and my desires changed. I’ve just graduated this September with a MA and I’m yearning to start my new life. Yearning to find a job and find a place called home. Then there is the realization that long-term travel of this kind may not be something I want anymore.

It sounds weird for me to write this after having spend months and years telling everyone how much I’d love to go to New Zealand for 12 months. This desire was a part of me for several years. I kept telling myself that I “really wanted to do this” for so long that I stopped questioning whether it was still valid. Life is funny, just when you get what you want, you realize that it may not be what you want anymore. Five, or more, years ago, a longer stay in New Zealand might’ve been the greatest desire. But  I’m no longer the person I was five years ago.

The crazy thing is, now that I decided to shorten my time in New Zealand drastically revitalized my enthusiasm. Three months might be a short time, but there is so much I can look forward to. The first three weeks, I’ll explore New Zealand with two friends, exploring the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Hobbiton, Milford Sound and so much more. After that, the adventures will continue, albeit in a slower pace.

The other thing is, if I feel as if I’ve missed something in those three months, I can always re-visit New Zealand!

In the meantime, for the next three months, I’ll try to write several posts a week (but at least once per week if all goes wrong), so stay tuned!


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