NZ Adventure: Arrival in Auckland

Greetings from Down Under! Currently I’m in Wellington and I have finally some time to write. Although, I’m not too sure how to formulate my adventures so far. I guess the jetlag hit me really hard. We were 26 hours on the plane and for over 30 hours on the road. During that time I managed to only sleep for 4-5 hours.

Day 1 – Auckland

On our first day we didn’t do much because we were so damn exhausted. Basically, I felt like a greasy potato. So we, my friends Marisa, Sarah, and I, just explored Queen Street and the harbour. It is so strange to be back after all those years. Certain things are completely different while others remained the same. The friendliness of everyone certainly remained the same. Even though I love to travel and I’m constantly using maps, I have a really hard time orienting myself anywhere (familiar or unfamiliar place) so of course I got lost on the way to the hostel, but everyone was helpful und nice.


The Hostel

While Auckland and its people were great, my hostel was not. Now, I’ve stayed in plenty of hostels in New Zealand and elsewhere so I know what to expect and what not to expect. However, this particular hostel in Auckland was one of the worst I’ve ever been to. To me, the shocking thing is that it got a rating of over 8 (out of 10) on Hostelword.

Security was noneexistent because all doors were accessible to everyone. This includes the actual dorm rooms. For that reason, the hostel manager (probably another traveler working there for free accommodation) didn’t even bother to give me any keys. Being relaxed is one thing, but not having any security is not acceptable. During the first night, some random girl came into my dorm room with a flashlight because she, apparently, was looking for someone. Who knows who’ll enter a dorm room in the middle of the night next time?!

Despite some reviews on Hostelworld, the hostel was not in a „top location“. It took me 30 minutes by foot to walk to the sky tower. Al in all, everything positive about the hostel described on Hostelword turned out to false. In other words, I do not recommend Borders Beyond in 8 Nixon St. in Auckland!

Day 2 – Auckland and Waitomo Caves

On our second day we booked a tour to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves with Intercity. Despite spending more time on the bus to get to and from Waitomo, the half-day tour was amazing. Personally, I’d say it is a ‘must do’ in New Zealand. It is unlike anything I’ve seen, but sadly (although understandably) it wasn’t allowed to take photos inside. After the tour, we returned to Auckland and nothing much happened. The jetlag was still strong.


Unfortunately, I don’t have too many photos from either of those first two days, but that changes during the next stop on our journey – Rotorua!


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