November Travel Highlights

Before I get into my November highlights, I’d like to discuss a few things regarding my blog. Yesterday, I was very close to shutting this blog down. Actually, I’m still not too sure if I should continue or not. I’ll go home on December 29th due to various personal reasons and I barely updated this blog since my arrival in New Zealand. The fact that I barely blogged at all so far made me feel like a failure. I need to figure out whether I lost my desire to blog entirely or whether I just put too much pressure on myself.

I’d love to tell you everything I’ve done in New Zealand indepth someday, but I still struggle to find the energy and words, or rather my ‘written voice’. So for now, at least, I’ll give a very brief summary of my November highlights. What I did, where I’ve been and if there were any other fighlights besides travelling.

Cities Visited: Picton, Christchurch, Queenstown, Te Anau, Invercargill, and Dunedin.

Books I’ve read: Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Philip K. Dick’s Ubik. Loved both books very much!

Favourite travel Item: My new camera, a Panasonic Lumix GF 7. It was a pricey investment (400€), but it is worth every cent of it. It is small enough to fit in my small handbag, yet the image quality is, for a photography beginner like me, amazing! I’m so glad I have this camera!

Travel Highlight No 1: Milford Sound

Alright, my absolute highlight of this entire year and not just of November, was the day trip to Milford Sound with Greatsights. It started at 7am and ended at 7pm. I might write a detailed review of that tour at some point, but let me tell you this tour was AMAZING. Milford Sound itself is breathtaking and none of my pictures do it justice.



Travel Highlight No 2: Te Anau

It was the first time for me to visit Te Anau and I fell in love with it. I didn’t do any exciting day trips or activities, yet it was still breathtaking. I spend my days hiking along lake Te Anau and enjoyed every minure of it. This is why I mainly came to New Zealand. I don’t care about any adrenaline activities. All I want is to explore its nature. Someday I might even come back and do one of the multi-day hikes across New Zealand. I’m a hiking beginner so I try not to exeed more than 5 hours o hiking per day/activity. During my explorations of Lake Te Anau, I’ve also visited the Bird Sanctuary close by and spotted a few rare specimens such as the Takahe.



Well, this is it. These were my November highlights. What about you? Did anything interesting happen? Leave a comment down below!


4 thoughts on “November Travel Highlights

  1. Our advise is – you can start with photojournal posts. It helps a lot to put those in and share. Don’t just use instagram!

    Well, we missed Milford sound the last time we were in the south island. Because we had just been to the fjords and thought it to be the same. Big mistake we can see! Our november was filled with near 2 weeks in Korea and specifically in Busan! Looking to Harbin at the end of the year.


  2. hey 🙂

    i say don’t worry too much about plans failing to play out, not managing to blog regularly, or whatever. and most certainly don’t feel like a failure! we’re all people, not machines or corporations, and people have ups and downs, and moods, and no obligation to be a certain presentable version of oneself at all time.

    would it have been interesting to read an ongoing travel journal? sure. are you a failure for things not playing out that way? hell no. who knows when the stories to tell from this trip will rear their head and demand to be let out. and who knows what form they’ll want to take? maybe they’ll stay untold and quietly inform other things you do. or maybe you feel like writing up a detailed account from a few weeks retrospective. all alternatives are fine.

    lest you think i’m talking it all down: i totally get the disappointment about a plan not working out. it was a neat plan, after all. and i think there’s value in trying to find out where the divergence between plan and reality started appearing. but if this blog is to be an outlet for your takes on things, it’ll have to run by the schedule of when/if you find your take on things. i’d think people who follow you here understand that, and won’t turn into a horde of pitchfork-waving maniacs demanding their money back when a plan doesn’t pan out.

    be well, friend. 🙂

    ps.: all your photos from new zealand are stunningly beautiful! what a place! :O maybe not having words is perfectly appropriate & natural.


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