Favourites & Highlights: March 2017

Welcome back to another monthly favourites post. I know it has been a while since I did one of these so it is about time! March has been a rather quiet month for me, but there were things that I enjoyed and that I want to talk about with someone. So without further ado, here we have my March favourites!

Harry Potter Audiobook Read by Stephen Fry

In the last few weeks, I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter Audiobook read by Stephen Fry and I love it so much that I’m considering to listen to more audiobooks in the future. It started out as a necessity actually. Our village’s internet isn’t the best so there are several times throughout the week where there is no internet whatsoever. I wanted to re-read the Harry Potter books for a while now, but I remembered that I own this audiobook and decided to listen to it. Even if you’re not into Harry Potter, it is a real treat to listen to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter. I think his interpretation of Dobby is my favourite!

The Silmarillion

In March, I’ve hosted a Silmarillion read-along over on Travelling Geek Show. As in the past, whenever I re-read The Silmarillion, I realize how much I love this book and wonder why I haven’t re-read it sooner. I could write page upon page about why I love The Silmarillion, but instead I’ll just casually lead you to Travelling Geek Show where you can read through my already written posts.


Nyx Buttergloss

Ok, I know I don’t usually write or talk about make-up on my blog or anywhere else online for that matter. However, I’ve recently stumbled upon the Nyx Buttergloss lipgloss in the colour “Black Cherry Tart” and I really need to devote a few sentences to it. It has been a while since I’ve worn more bold make-up so that’s why I love this deep purple colour so much. The only problem is, because it has been a while since I’ve worn bold make-up, I can’t find the courage to wear this lipgloss before 8 pm … and I rarely go out after 8pm these days. Until I find the courage to wear it in the afternoon or go out more frequently after 8 pm, I’ll just play with this lipgloss at home infront of the mirror.

I’m obviously not very good at doing swatches

Designing Tattoo-inspired art

I want more tattoos. I want as many as possible. Oh money where art thou…ah sorry I digress. Recently, as a consequence of my growing tattoo obsession, I’ve started to design two tattoos for myself. This lead to a tattoo-inspired art obsession. These days I doodle anything and everything inspired by traditional and modern tattoo designs. Before you ask, I will not show you my two tattoo designs, not before I got them under my skin, out of fear that someone will steal the idea and get it inked before me. Instead, enjoy some random doodles I did inside my planner.


Reaching LOTRO level cap

I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings Online for over three years now, but only two weeks go did my very first character, a Hobbit hunter lass, reach the highest level which is 105 at the moment! I know that the combination Hobbit Hunter isn’t the best or the easiest on LOTRO, but I love my baby Lilloa nonetheless. In case you want to say ‘Hi’ to Lilloa online, she can be found on the server Landroval.

Currently in my Sketchbook

As written above, I’m mainly doodeling tattoo-inspired things. Right now is a time where I’m collecting all kinds of ideas such as another short comic. So at the moment, I’m spending most of my creative time, trying to figure out the details before I’m able to do the actual drawings. Anyhow, here are two pages from my sketchbook.


How has been your March? Did you do anything interesting? Also, can you recommend me an audiobook? I’d love to widen my horizon!


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