New Zealand Travel Photography: Faded Beauty

Welcome back to another post of my ‘Travel Photography’ – series. If you’re new here, I’m not a photography expert, I’m just enthusuiastic about photography. Currently, I’m using a Panasonic Lumix GF7. From mid-October until end of December, I’ve explored New Zealand and now I like to share with you my visual travel diary.

By now, most of us are aware of how beautiful New Zealand is even if you’ve never been there. A while ago, I looked through the photos I took during my trip. One stuningly colourful and saturated image followed the other. My mind was immediately transported back to New Zealand while my body was longing to join my mind. Among this abundance of images, some stuck out.

As much as I love colourful photograpy, there is something special about very muted and faded images. Often, these faded images manage to convey a feeling better than the most colourful ones. Well, at least to me anyway.

The following images were happy accidents with little to no digital colour correction. A few images were, in fact, so faded that I had to tune up the contrast a bit on Photoshop (while I was adding the watermarks). Other than that, they are unchanged.

Click on an image to enlarge them

I know these are not photography masterpieces, but I can’t help but love each on of them anyway. In fact, I plan on printing each of them on a small square canvas and put them up on my wall as a collage.

As usual, constructive criticism is most welcome!


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